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Montanus is the “experience” of two Italian guys from Abruzzo, that ride bicycles on mountains and trails in a totally wild way, discovering happiness and primal instinct

We, from, have decided to join this experience from the very first moment and since the first post was shared on Facebook.
We called Francesco D’Alessio, one of the two “actors on stage” together with his friend Giorgio Frattale, on his mobile and we had a chat with him; Francesco was really excited to talk about Montanus, and I was in a panic taking notes, because he’s like a raging river.
“Daily stress caused by the urban jungle, pollution and a life rhythm that is not natural, drive us to a stage where we hanker for deprivation, loneliness and calmness to discover one’s self and, in our case, what we called the primordial, that inborn particle that lives inside us for ever, in some cases, or yeld, in some others” Francesco says while talking, and goes on “this is Montanus, the research of the primordial wild side, the place in which feed the will to come back to the origins that lives in each of us; montanus is the characteristic of the mountain, is deprivation and sacrifice

The “will to” is the same as that of Christopher McCandless the protagonist from the movie “Into the Wild” that leaves that urban jungle and abandons all his belongings and starts a trip around the States (meeting people and getting settled with the small things) to reach Alaska and a life in the wild; before dying in dramatic and unlucky circumstances, he realize that the real happiness is the one that you share with somebody, the famous phrase “happiness is only real when shared”.

And that’s where the movie ends, that starts Montanus and our (the public, the followers, Ed.) adventure, our experience in it. But in this “movie” the two characters share the happiness in their adventures searching for the “primordial” thing, that didn’t happen for the “Into the Wild” movie lonely character; they don’t abandon their belongings and the technology, but they use them to share their adventures with Montanus followers on social networks “into the social wild”.

And so, pictures and videos shared on social media “tells” the story of this mountain adventures, giving to Montanus followers the chance to live the same emotions and feelings, the same places and the same adventures of our protagonists, “tasting” from home via their smartphones or PC or laptops the “taste of primordial” and so, the taste of “Montanus – The Wild Side”.
For sure this “experience” will be something epic, something that will be forever written in the world wide history of mountain biking, I can bet on it, and I did since I saw the first shared post on Facebook.

This is the reason why our magazine decided to support Francesco, Giorgio and Montanus as a Media partner, because we trust in their intention and to discover, together with you guys and gals, the most undiscovered sides of the “primordial”, into the wild!

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