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So young and determinated, she wants to transmit the mountainbike culture to the girls. Her motto is: dream!

When did you start riding and how?

I have been riding bikes as long as I can remember, as my dad was a keen mountain biker and still is to this day! He used to take my brother and I out on bike rides and away for weekends to explore new places… that’s when I fell in love with bike riding!

Katy Winton e la sua passione per l'Enduro

Katy Winton e la sua passione per l’Enduro

Do you normally go riding/training by yourself?

It varies, I ride by my own and I ride with the boys, I have a lot of fun doing both but it’s great to ride with a group of girls whenever they are around!

Do you think that going at the races alone is easy for a girl?

No, I think it can be a bit scary, but if you start chatting with the girls at the races everyone is lovely and soon you have lots of new friends! Every one of us wants more girls in the sport, so we are all welcoming and supportive of anyone giving it a go!

What do you feel when you ride?

I feel free. The bike is an escape and it gives me so much freedom! You can go everywhere on a bike, see so many amazing things and get a thrill like nothing else on earth. I have so much passion and love for riding and racing bikes and I am so grateful to be able to do it all over the world!

Are there many girls cyclist and events for women in your country?

I think the number of women on bikes is growing and growing!! It’s amazing to see so many of them out on the trails with friends, really having a great time! I think in the UK we are lucky to have the likes of Tracy Moseley, Rachel Atherton, Manon Carpenter and Tahnée Seagrave to look up to and inspire us and bring more women into the sport. There’s a growing number of female only events as now there is a demand for it, which is awesome. Women’s cycling is certainly booming in the UK!

We don’t have a lot of girls in the sport in Italy, why is that, in your opinion?

I am not sure, I see a lot of girls in the Superenduro having a great time and racing! I think in Italy there are lots of great places to ride and it’s easy to get to France for even more riding. So I guess it’s just a matter of time and having the opportunity to try it and find out how awesome it is!

Three words to describe this sport?

Adventure, fun, incredible!

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Chiamata dagli amici "acqua e paltan", proveniente da sport completamente differenti, ora dedica cuore e mente al mondo delle due ruote offroad. Poliedrica nel suo lavoro: un'ottima fotografa, sa mettersi a disposizione anche dall'altra parte dell'obiettivo! Attiva come "social specialist" non smette mai di pensare a dove la bici la porterà ad infangarsi la prossima volta!